Day Training

Giving you piece of mind that your dog is safe, happy and entertained throughout the day while you do the things you need to do. Like Day Care but with the added benefit of Training, Walks and Play. 

Day Training Passes


Single Day Pass - $50

  • Our single day pass is good for any day (Mon-Fri). Drop off hours are between 8:00am and 9:30am with pick up between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. 


5 Day Pass - $200 - Saves $50

  • Our 5 day pass is good for 1 week of training (Mon-Fri) or can be used over time until the pass is filled. 


10 Day Pass - $400 - Saves $100

  • Our 10 day pass is good for 2 weeks of training (Mon-Fri) or can be used over time until the pass is filled. 


20 Day Pass - $800 - Saves $200

  • Our 20 day pass is good for 4 weeks of training (Mon-Fri) or can be used over time until the pass is filled. 

Why Is Day Training Good For My Dog?

1. Relives Boredom
Dogs, especially young dogs and puppies, are naturally curious and active. Just like kids, if they don’t have an outlet for this energy, it can lead to problems. Dogs left alone during the day, without stimulation, can become bored and anxious, which can turn into a variety of problematic behaviors, such as chewing, excessive barking or howling, potty accidents, shredding carpets and furniture—the list is endless. Our Day Training program will offer healthy activity and stimulation for your pup, which will eliminate problem behaviors while you are away.

2. Reduces Separation Anxiety
A lot of dogs suffer from Separation Anxiety when away from their owner. Our Day Training program will help to reduce Separation Anxiety by simply not having your dog be alone at any given time while they are with us. This will result in a less stressed, happier and more confident dog.

3. Improved Behavior
Research shows that dogs enrolled in a Day Training program that attend at least 2 times a week are more likely to listen to their owners, have a better understanding of cues and commands, are happier, less anxious and less likely to cause problems for their owners. When your dog is enrolled in our Day Training program, we treat him/her as though they are one of our Board and Train dogs and work with them just as hard to make sure they understand the things we are asking them to do. A tired dog is a good dog and we make sure to give your dog the mental and physical stimulation they need every day to show you much improved behaviors when they come home.

4. Exercise
Combined with the mental stimulation that our Day Training program provides your dog; it also provides essential exercise to keep him/her active. Every day your dog comes to Day Training we make sure he/she receives a good long walk in the park. Even more than humans, dogs need daily exercise to maintain their fitness, immunity, and overall health. As a bonus, a tired dog is a good dog and we make sure your dog comes home feeling ready for a good long nap at your feet.

5. Peace of Mind
It can be very stressful for both you and your dog to leave your him/her alone at home all day while you’re at work or school. Day Training gives owners the peace of mind knowing that their dog is in a safe and healthy environment, receiving both exercise and mental stimulation while you’re away.

6. Socialization
One of the most important things when owning a dog is to make sure they are well socialized. Our Day Training program gives you dog opportunities throughout the day to meet and interact with other dogs through safe and structured play sessions. We walk every dog in the park every day, no matter what the weather, giving them a chance to see and interact with the outside world and become more comfortable with it.

7. Human Attention
One of the first things we ask when we hire is “What do you love about dogs?” This gives us a good idea about how our team is going to interact with your dog. Our team is dedicated to giving your dog good, healthy amounts of fuss and attention. When you bring your dog to Day Training, I can guarantee he/she is getting loved on by our team throughout the day.

8. Safety
Safety is our number one priority. We only work with your dog in environments where he/she feels safe and confident. Our play sessions only contain dogs who we know will do well alongside your own dog. Our walks are all done on leash with an additional safety clip attached to both collar and leash to make sure your dog cannot slip out of their leash. Our facility is escape proof with a minimum of two doors, one of which is self-locking, making sure your dog cannot escape if they tried. When not in a training session, play session or walk, your dog is kept safely on a big pillow in an appropriately sized crate with an optional bone or Kong. So, you can be at work or school all day knowing your dog is in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

9. Affordable
Understandably, most people’s top concern with taking their dog to Day Training is the cost. We pride ourselves on being able to keep our prices lower than our competitors while still providing the same, if not better-quality services. We have a variety of Day Training packages available that makes Day Training just $10-$20 per day more expensive than just Day Care, where your dog will spend most of their time locked in a kennel.

10. Flexible Schedule
Our daycare clients range from those who visit us 5 times a week, to those who drop off their dog just once or twice a month. Our Day Training passes can be purchased at a 5-day rate, 10-day rate or 20-day rate. Each pass saves you more money on our $50 per single day rate. Our passes can be used on consecutive days or spread out over several weeks. Our drop off hours of 7am-9am give you the flexibility to drop off and still get to work or school on time and with pick up hours of 4pm-6pm you can pick up your dog when it is convenient for you.